Help Us Bring Better Hearing to Those With a Loss

Luebbe Hearing Services works to help connect people back to the special moments they’re missing due to hearing loss. We want to offer the latest in hearing technology to improve individual lifestyle. Our job is to help people thrive in every listening situation in life without limitation.


How We Work

Luebbe Hearing Services is a highly collaborative team of professionals where patient care and learning plays a big role in every day. In fact, most of the people who work here would say that at our core, we are much more than an Audiology practice: we are a family. Our passion is to continue to make a difference in our community by maintaining a continuous training environment that encourages long-term growth and success in private practice.


Our Mission

  • To enrich the world through the healing power of better hearing and communication
  • To treat all with kindness and respect
  • To continue to be the resource for better hearing in the communities we serve by inspiring trust and loyalty. We specialize in the evaluation, treatment, improvement and prevention of hearing loss

Current Openings:

Luebbe Hearing Services currently does not have any openings. Check back often!

Stay in touch:

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