A nurse visiting a female patient in the hospital

Checking Into the Hospital?

It can be easy to lose track of your hearing aids when getting inpatient care at a busy medical facility. We’re sharing eight tips to help you protect your technology and continue hearing your best.

  1. Use a Container
    Keep a personally labeled container on the nightstand for your hearing aids when not in use. And remember: Hearing-aid dryers and dehumidifiers can double as storage, too!
  2. Bypass the Food Tray
    It might seem convenient to set your hearing devices on your food tray, but they can get damaged or lost that way. Better to keep them in their designated container.
  3. Take Them Out
    If staff comes to change the bedsheets and you’re unable to get out of bed, remove your hearing devices so they don’t fall off in the linens and get accidentally discarded.
  4. Skip the Pockets
    Pockets seem naturally convenient for storing hearing aids, but not so fast! Your devices could become forgotten there and end up being tossed into the washing machine and damaged or lost.
  5. Give the Batteries a Break
    Remember at night to remove the batteries from your hearing devices and leave the battery door open, helping reduce moisture and maximize battery life.
  6. Enlist Family Support
    Consider not keeping your hearing aids with you and instead having friends or family bring them when coming to visit — if that’s feasible.
  7. Share Your Concerns
    Make sure your medical team is aware if you have a significant hearing loss, and tell your doctor if you’re concerned about being able to hear just before surgery or in recovery.
  8. Think Ahead
    Inpatient facilities typically don’t assume responsibility for lost hearing aids, glasses, or dentures, so provide a checklist to loved ones who can help you keep these critical items safe and sound. You may also want to be sure to have a loss policy in place, either with your provider or your homeowner’s insurance.

Communicating on your terms means keeping your hearing technology secure and ready when you need it. For more tips on protecting or maintaining your devices, please don’t wait. Contact our caring team today. We’re here to help!