“As a writer I do some public speaking and this activity, which I really enjoy, would be impossible without the ability to hear questions and interact with the audience. It is extremely difficult and very tiring to go through the day trying to hear what people are saying; smiling and nodding your head at peoples’ remarks because you are too embarrassed to ask them to repeat; and hoping that you have responded appropriately when you are not sure of what someone said. When my hearing instruments arrived and I started using them, it was the difference between night and day! Hearing in noisy restaurants has always been a problem. I switched my aids to “restaurant” hearing and could hear my friends with no problem. Quality of life for all of us is absolutely dependent on our ability to hear clearly. I will be forever grateful to you and all those at Luebbe Hearing that have contributed to my quality of life.”
– M. Srode.

“As a piano technician wearing new hearing aids, I am looking forward to being able to tune the last three or four notes in the treble without slamming down on the keys. I can now hear; keys jingling, the soles of my shoes squeaking, the clicking of the turn signal, the “swish-swish” of dollar bills being counted by the teller in the next window at the bank, coins jingling, turning pages in a book, the wind going by as I drive my car.” – V. Wolfe

Mike S.
Mike’s wife didn’t notice his hearing aid after 4 days. He couldn’t wait any longer so he had to point it out to her! He hears perfectly and is thrilled. He wanted it “invisible”