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Dr. Mary Lou Luebbe, Au.D.
Second Generation President & Doctor of Audiology

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Patient Testimonials

"Luebbe saved our Marriage! Now I can hear and understand my wife's voice from another room! Our family thanks you."   "Thanks to Luebbe, my tinnitus is not noticeable. What a RELIEF. I thought I'd have to live with it! These aids are phenomenal."
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  • Let's be sure wax or fluid isn't affecting your hearing ability. We clean ears gently and efficiently.
  • Let's rule out the need for surgery, medication, or medical referral. Did you know that our experienced doctors of audiology at Luebbe Hearing help 90 percent of adults (the vast majority) with hearing loss? If our test results indicate, we will refer you to the right specialist, saving you money, time, and effort.
  • Have tinnitus (ringing in the ears)? In most cases, we can provide relief.
  • Have a hearing loss in one ear? It can be inconvenient and frustrating. We can help, so you won’t need to seat others on your "good" side or risk your safety.
  • Let's talk about your needs and what you'd like to hear. We're "all ears" — literally.
  • Our doctors of audiology are hearing experts specializing in the evaluation, improvement, and protection of hearing.

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Working outdoorHearing aids come in a variety of styles and fits. Read about the benefits and features of each. Learn More +

Hearing Check & Evaluation

CasualContact us today for a hearing evaluation. Learn More about our hearing test process

Protecting Your Hearing

QuietExposure to excessive noise during work or leisure activities can increase a person’s risk of hearing loss. Learn about our hearing protection solutions. More Info +

Tinnitus Treatment

VeryQuietLearn about the causes of tinnitus & the tinnitus treatment options we offer at all our locations. Learn More +

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